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  1. I've been running this game very good for the last couple of weeks, no problems whatsoever. So I really think it got messed up by one of the mods/lots I installed. I will try and figure it out now I have tried hardware rendering and full screen, both work smooth except for this option. Thanks for all the input! p.s. I run the game in steam with this extension: -w -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32 -intro:off -CPUCount:1
  2. My game ran wonderful untill last night. Now whenever I scroll up (Right-mouse-button) it doesn't work properly anymore. It looks like this I can fix it by changing the orientation. But it's really annoying as I'm sure you can imagine. Does anyone have any experience with this issue? I have the steam version of SC4, run it windowed (auto) with software rendering. I do have some mods, some of which I installed quite recently, the problem is I don't know which files exactly Hope someone has some suggestions for me. Anyways, thanks for looking!
  3. Snow?

    And another one bites the dust/snow
  4. Transport Problem

    Ok, thanks a lot for your effort. It doesn't really interfere with gameplay anyway
  5. Transport Problem

    Ok, first of all thanks for your reply. I did notice that the workers only go and leave from some buildings, but should the totals still add up? In thisscreenshot (transportprob3) this is the output of this entire block of industry, which is nowhere near the totals from the individual buildings. I was wondering if maybe the transportroutes don't show up anymore when there destination city is one or more city 'maps' away? Then the other 2 screenshots show commercial buildings, one of which has no workers and the other 5, while both are looking to have much more workers with the info tool. Enlighten me cheers, Furi
  6. Transport Problem

    I have another transport problem, and since this topic is still hot I'm going to ask it here. Some of my industry doesnt show any workers when i click it with the query tool to see the transport routes. (the buildings are fine,and when i click it with the info tool it shows it has workers) Most of the time they only show freight, sometimes a few workers and sometimes nothing. So it's not like it's not working at all. I've also seen it for a few commercial buildings. This problem mainly occurs in my industrial city, which has no homes. I've also seen it in another city in which the industry is quite far away from the residential areas. I'm not sure if its influencing my game or if its only a 'aesthetical' issue. I'm using the latest version of NAM and the industry quadrupler Any ideas, Thanks