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  1. So I've done some tinkering myself on the XML file that was suggested here (thanks). Here's what you want to enter if you want an "Actually Challenging Game ". You'll find the file Difficultylevels in Simcity Societies/Data/XMLdb/Game/Difficultysettings Change the third paragraph to: <DifficulyLevel ID="Challenging" index="2" stringID="DIFFICULTY_LEVEL_CHALLENGING"> <Value ID="GlobalDailyModifier" float="-3.5"/> <Value ID="JobEfficiencyRelaxed" float="0.2"/> </DifficulyLevel> </DifficulyLevelTable> I had a slightly tough time of things using these settings in a production/manufacturing type city where I used a bunch of crime producing venues and a coal factory dead in the middle of town... Therefore you might want to lower jobefficiencyrelaxed to .1 and globaldailymodifier to -4... though having said that my greatest challenge was rougue sims (which i'm pretty sure are spawned due to the large minus on the globaldailymodifier) which I musta spent 30 grand worth of SWAT teams on. The game played well though and now I feel I pretty much have the map under control. Anyone else have any settings they've experimented with?
  2. I really enjoy simcity societies... but its just too easy. I want to play the authoritarian city with real urban unrest thats actually difficult to control.. As it is, it seems all too easy to make my drones comply. Anyone know how to make simcity societies harder or somehow more difficult? I'm playing with everything on hardest & win with ease. Cheers.