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  1. Ezo

    This looks great! Very pleasing! May I know where you got your seaports, airport and seawalls?
  2. the next Need For Speed: Undercover

    I personally have play every NFS title on every console ( yeah i love this game ) and with out exotic cars its just not NFS the original NFS games were based with that type of cars, for a kid to dream about driving in real life, and I liked NFSPS, I like all the titles and i get my drivers license this November and im getting a Chevy Camaro yet this game dose not make me want to race, granted i have school and i will be driving my friends to school and personally i dont think its cool to race your car and either die in a wreck or get it impounded.
  3. Russia may invade Poland

    It really offends me when idiots post conceded things about the US WW2 was a combined effort of the Allied Forces, not the USA it's self, belfastuniguy i agree with your statements about "getting off your high horse" to the fact what you say is true, and yes im a US citizen myself.
  4. Ninjas arrested in New Jersey

    Well there obviously not ninjas if they were nobody would have seen them.
  5. Georgia and Russia basically at war

    Ah, I dident hear that part.
  6. Georgia and Russia basically at war

    Well looks like Russia is keeping to their word.
  7. Georgia and Russia basically at war

    Well I think I have found some good news. Medvedev says that the Russian troops will be pulling out Monday. Here
  8. Georgia and Russia basically at war

    This is good news, lets just see if it will last. Edit: I just saw this on cnn.com, Georgia is accusing Russia of cutting a vitial rail line.
  9. YouTube Fail

    I agree, i understand that there for security but when im on myspace and constantly doing those while im messaging people.
  10. YouTube Fail

    I saw this took a pic and am now sharing it with you.
  11. Metro Dragonawa Alpha

    Great work cant wait to see more.
  12. first off witch core 2 duo model is it? then what are the rest of his computers specs?
  13. Haifa

    awesome stuff dude i wish i still played SC.
  14. all buildings stage 8?

    hmm not that i know of. Personally i'd just grow the city into stage 8.
  15. Worldwide Plaza

    awesome dude super ultra mega awesome work.