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  1. a few "when to" type questions

    1. I usually begin zoning for medium density residential in the most centralized neighborhoods, which are closest to commercial/industrial zones, and have good health/education services in them. Generally, once your city is profitable and has a fairly established industrial/commercial zone, you can go ahead an rezone. 2. I've always expanded into many different lots from the beginning of the game. I've usually made one city R$ and industrial and the neighboring city R$$/$$$ and CS/CO 3. I keep my taxes for R$$$ high and only decrease them when I have established CO in my city. Even then, I don't let too much R$$$ develop, since it's quite unstable (as you mentioned). 4. R$ demand is almost always high. All commercial and industrial zones need R$ workers, so there's really no point that R$ will drop down. Instead, if you'd like your city to become wealthier over time, increase the taxes for R$ later on and watch as R$$ redevelops these buildings
  2. Agricultural demand is always High

    Hmmm...didn't realize this - I'm gonna have to check that out.
  3. What was the largest region you have ever built or are building? When I mention biggest region, I mean highest population. I'm currently at 9.1 million and growing...there are 2 major cities of about 1.1-1.2 million each.
  4. Biggest Regional Population

    Where are your industrial areas in these super-cities? I usually sprout up my highrises near large manufacturing areas, but I don't see anything like that here or in Montaukshire.