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  1. -ardecila- I understand your point and certainly don
  2. -mntoes- Thanks for the advice! I did send a private email to Dirk and am awaiting a reply. I started a tutorial on meshtools this morning and will have it ready in a couple of days... Sorry for the delay but I have several other projects including a MAX class that I teach on the weekends to prepare for. I have already started my first lot for SC4 and will offer it up for comments next week.... This is really fun stuff! Thanks again for the help! Best Regards, John dzignguy fsdzigns.com DZigns Architectural
  3. As I said earlier, I will be happy to explain the use of the tools via video tutorials. First and foremost I'm not sure how these should be handled here on the forums and where to host the files.... My site at FSDZigns is pretty limited as to how much I can keep and as to bandwidth. Perhaps some of you old hands can give me pointers as to how this should be handled here at Simtroupolis....I dont want to over reach my welcome and step on toes.... My intent is to hlep, not hinder or step step into someone elses territory. I have noticed in some of the tutorials about modeling in GMAX, on this forum or even many MSFS forums for that matter, very little has been said about Polygonal modeling, (Quad) techniques and its advantages to the 3D gaming world.... I have only recently prescribed, the last couple of years, to this method of construction and have found it has added much to my understanding of the process. Perhaps some discussion of this should be started also. Especially the discussion of Sub-D modeling in general.... All of these things can and will aid in the eventual skill and understanding of how to create things via editable splines, vertices, and polygons. Perhaps we should settle the venue issue first and then work on the rest.... Any guidance will be welcome! Best Regards, John dzignguy fsdzigns.com
  4. -mntoes- I did a short Video tutorial last night on installing a Meshtools 2.5 toolbar within the MAX/GMAX user interface. It is available through the following link: http://fsdzigns.com/Public_tutorials/Meshtools2.5_Installation.zip The zip file contiains the AVI file and two TechSmith codecs required for either Windows or Mac users....to view the AVI. Note: Meshtools works primarily with Editable Polygons and most of the icons that install via the tutorial will NOT be available if your model or object remains a primative or editable MESH. This is very important to remember as I have seen many people complain about them, not knowing that these tools were designed Primarily for Editable Polygons. Ok, Hope this will help..... John PS I will gladly post more tutorials, especially some that will show how to use these tools in modeling, If there is enough interest.
  5. I will do a video tutorial on how to install Meshtools, tonight... I will post the link to download the tut tomorrow.... Will that be OK? Hope this helps...... John dzignguy FSDZigns.com Lockheed L049a Constellation for MSFS Century of Flight
  6. -ardecila- Thanks for your appraisal of the Constellation and your clarification, especially those opinions about the Copyright issues involved. I don
  7. Hi, I am new to Sim City but have been working in Flight Simulator for awhile and am a developer that has a current FS9 (Century of Flight) model that I created in MAX/GMAX. That aircraft is the FSDZigns L-049a Constellation. I would particularly like to see many of the high resolution features that Sim City displays, on the ground, be available in FS.... However I would probably be just as happy to have an avenue in SC4 to do what we do in FS. In any case I think that soon both simulation technologies will come together and we will all be playing in the same virtual sand box......:-) Sim City will have the L-049a Constellation soon as I am working on its conversion now.. I have a litte bit of a learning curve to go before I'm porficient in this format..... Now, having said this, I would like to say that most if not all of those MDL files are copyrighted. Mine certainly are and I will defend that right if it is infringed..... I consider any decompiling or converting to DXF formt, of the model, as not COOL. At least NOT without the permission of the original author.... I intend to start developing for Sim City also and will not tread on others work without permission or following porper protocol..... I would suggest that anyone reading this thread, along with anyone interested in having good, well developed aircraft come into SC4, .... do the same and consider this issue. I dont mean this reply to be harsh but just a friendly reminder that there are many other legal things involved in such a conversion..... However, the courteous things are just as important....IMHO There are other ways of getting good aircraft models into SC4 and some would be sanctioned by the FS authors and developers. So, When in doubt, I would say that you should ask first!!!! Who knows, you might be surprised.......... Nuf said on this issue...... Best Regards. John dzignguy