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  1. Simcity 2013 fullscreen issue

    Thanks for your reply, CloudyDaTroll. After your reply, I tried F11, but it didn't work. My problem has been solved though. It was a simple matter of changing the screen resolution from the in-game menu to 1366*768. I obviously had tried all of the available resolution options in the in-game menu, but looks like I'd missed this one. Well, alls well that ends well. Thanks again guys. Happy gaming!
  2. Hi guys, I'm a big fan of Simcity. I've been wanting to play this game since the time it came out, but couldn't do so because of lower specs on my laptop. Now, finally, I have a laptop which can support this game, so I was happy. Its an Acer aspire 5 with a 5th gen i5 and nVidia geforce 840m 2gb graphics. However, my happiness was short lived. When I installed and started the game, it won't run in full screen! Its running in a squarish area in the center of the screen with black bars on all four sides! Can somebody please help me on this?