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    Castilian, NOT spanish!
  1. How to use train stations effectively

    Thanks for the tips!
  2. Castille is NOT Spain!

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    2. kelistmac


      Yeah whatever...I will not spend my free time with people like you... I just want to say one more thing. Tomorrow when you wake up, just take a look to your wallet, there you will see your I.D Card (Carnet de identidad) and you will see your own name, can you find it ? Yeah is just right there, above that part which says "Nacionalidad: Española" :)

      Have a good dreams and ... damn I don't really know why I'm writing in English, 'cause you... tu eres Español, como...

    3. ComuneroCastilla


      Te equivocas, no soy español, soy castellano. Y a mi lo que ponga mi DNI me da exactamente igual, yo no soy un número y menos español. Que el gobierno del Estado español lo considere as

    4. ComuneroCastilla


      Lo que más me molesta es la gente que ya no es que sea españolista (que también me molesta), es que no reconoce ni su propio idioma: el castellano. No existe el español ni como lengua ni como cultura.

  3. Castilian, not spanish!

  4. Catalan Flag

    Very nice flag. Visca Països Catalans lliures!
  5. Fictiv flag

    Nice flags. Catalonia is a nation and those are their flags! And there are also more nationalist flags, like the anarchist one or the students' one.
  6. How To Do a Simple "Reskin" of a Vehicle for SimCity 4

    I have a problem with this. I tried to make a new ambulance and I did all the things you say in this tutorial, but in the final step the ILives Reader told me that "Structure 1 can be corrupted" ----> "Do you want to abort saving?" and I clicked "No" so it finally got saved. I put the file into Documents.............Plugins and I started the game, but the ambulance was strange, it was like a mixture between the model I made and the game default one, the skin was the one of the default ambulance but the lightbars were the ones of my ambulance. So, what I did wrong? Can you help me?
  7. Soviet Style Flags