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  1. How to obtain OIL JACKS mark 2

    Oooooooohhh......... so that's it. I probably shared that random game with someone who had the Cities of Tomorrow expansion pack. I know if you do that, you can also use some of them features in your city. Thanks for the info!!! No wonder I couldn't find anything at all about it in the common SimCity stuff. And wish I knew half a dozen brain killing youtube videos earlier...........................
  2. I know oil wells come with the standard oil jacks that pump up 1200 units (barrels per hour???) I know these standard oil jacks CAN be upgraded somehow to pump up 2400 units. What I don't know is how to obtain the upgraded jacks.......... The story: I joined a random game once on my server. Already some mega cities were up and running, so I hitched a ride on a lot of regional upgrades as I started. When I placed an oil well, I tried to place more oil jacks. That's when I was actually able to expand with oil jacks that pump up 2400!!! So with the courtesy of a neighboring city that had some kind of upgrade.......................but I never figured out what it was. Ever since I've tried every combination possible to obtain it myself, but so far I have no clue as to how. :-( Is it an add-on to your City Hall? University or other educational thingie? One of the many specialized incorporation towers? I've searched the internet for an answer. I ran across lots of references to the standard wikipedias that just covers the building as it is. Not the upgrades. I haven't found any kind of tech tree either. Like what building unlocks what other building perhaps. And youtube is flooded with clips, but all I encounter there are dozens of corny vidblogs of people who think they can explain the game, but all you get is 10 to 15 minutes of "eeeeehhh..........well............uhhhhhm...... " per clip. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can anyone help me on this?