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  1. money making buildings

    i like some realisticness to my city lol
  2. money making buildings

    Uhmmm,maybe you are talking about buildings that produce some monthly income like SOMY`s Mixing Vats.They might be expensive t buy (310.000 Simoleons i think) but give you a monthly income of 2000 Simoleons,and you can build as many as you want. so things like this is good wether its $2000 or $50 dolla a month, this is a tad expensive but im sure ita come in handy lol
  3. so im trying to find money making building plugins etc but not cheats, but ive forgoten what the term is for um so if some1 can tell me? i did know i think it was a 3 letter word but forgot, n tryd googling it but dint work argh and while ya here let me no of some money maing buildings having a 4billion cheat would be crazy but to have genuine money making buildings would make the game seem les demanding
  4. i started downloading some mods for

    thanks for your advice. for me simcity4 isnt as hard as i thought it would be, but it is fun wen ya let ya imagenation take other and ya city starts to become a nightmare, however im liking the mods for the parks, water parks, theme parks etc and the ordinances like the lottery program/water taxi etc/ so building a new sc4 city in a much wider dynamic veiw does intrest me so think im gona stick with sc4 for the time being
  5. simcity 4 and i got like 24 so far, from the first 10 pages of highest rated and im like gosh this gona take for forever n ever n i was thinking to me self after i rebought simcity 4 then i found out thers mods, then i find out ther was simcity 2013 then i found out it was crap then i found out on this site thers mods for simcity 2013 even tho the news bit looked like there wasnt any mods, its like i was reading the news going backwards intime instead of forward which the internet has a habbit of doing. so my question really is, do i buy simcity 2013 and get them mods, or stick with simcity 4 and n get all the mods i like. i could do both but there aint enough days in the year to do that then i see a donation volume 2/3/4 disc for simcity 4, i could buy that maybe? but then the date says upto 2010 so im all like whats the best advice ???
  6. just to say im new sigh.... if there was 1 thing i could change on the internet it would be googles search algorithm, i searched for apple jacks in images and it came up with ponys and cerial on a plus note i found this forum so it cant be all bad