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  1. Long Commute Time

    I already checked and I found out my SimCity 4 version is 1.1.610, what is today version?, and how can I get the updates?, sorry for many question, I'm newbie and I don't know how to update games,etc, I just play the game and have fun with it
  2. Long Commute Time

    I as mayor in my city decided to push forward many programs to eradicate traffic jams in street like HSR, Bus Stop, Subway, and One Way road, to push down the traffic jams in residential and commercial I decided to change all the "road" to "one way road" (I think this is good enough to push down traffic jam) the result is very satisfactory, High congestion road very little, just one or two, but somethings happening, some building is abandoned due to "Long Commute Time" and I notice my commute time graphic is touched to 90 and the worse thing is I found jobs (350.000) in my city is lower than Residential (510.000) which means there are high number of sims who are not working. Anyone have solution with this? and by the way, what is long commute time? PS : when I compare to other city that use "Road", I found that it has Residential Lower than Jobs, and from here I came to the conclusion that "One Way Road" is cause of them, is that right?
  3. Ground Light Rail (GLR)

    The NAM didn't work for me, it's already install and is ready for use but when I launch the game and want to build something (ex : HSR Rail), it didn't work, beside that the DAMN is consuming much of my processing computer (Task Manager -- CPU 96%), which make the computer not responding, anyone have solution other than NAM to build GLR Rail?
  4. Ground Light Rail (GLR)

    Oh yeah, I hear many people says about Network Addon Mod, but due to the complex way to install it, I neglected it (just as like other mod that just showing brown box in the game), by the way is NAM very important ?, what the function and is it useful for transportation? PS : sorry for many question hehehe , I'm newbie to this forum
  5. Hello SimCity4 Players, I'm a newbie here by the way I am interesting in sim city 4 games and of course I interested at "Transportation" there are massive transportation in my simcity 4 : HSR, Subway, Bus Stop (The one that I rely on) , rail station, one way road and many more to make the sim more comfortable I am interested in Ground Light Rail (GLR) and I am do research for it, and the problem is I found many stations in Mod st/exchange but, the Rail is missing , without rail, I cant build GLR and so i need help for it, can someone show me the way to get the rail mod? thanks for read my post.