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  1. When I say office levels I am talking about the cities of tomorrow expansion where you can build megatowers. Also, a good rule of thumb is 3 residential blocks to 1 commercial.
  2. As you are building your city try to pay attention to the number of jobs available vs. the number of sims that can fill that job level. It is fine to have a slight excess of jobs, but your sims will complain about being overworked if this ratio is too high. For your current city that has 300k with 8k+ unemployment: See what wealth levels are unemployed and bulldoze residential of that wealth level(Dezone where you're going to bulldoze). I would then zone more commercial or build office levels in a tower. With zoning, make sure the land value reflects the job level you need.
  3. Help with comparing power plants

    I personally use coal to start my city. Then I will build a megatower with a solar crown and bulldoze the coal power plant. Why have a powerplant take up space? If you don't have cities of tomorrow ignore this post.