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  1. Tourism stats

    Hey, im currently constructing my very first SimCity and I specialized in Gambling and thus need a lot of tourists. However, I dont fully understand the meaning of the following Tourism-Stats which are displayed in the lower right corner of the screen once you are in the gambling tab: Potential Tourists: 1300 5700/4700 Tourists: 1374/1190 low income Tourists 2118/1360 medium income Tourists 2245/2245 high income Tourists What exactly does that mean? The number in front of the / is supposed to tell me how many Tourists visited me that day I right? But what is the number behind the / supposed to mean? If it displayed 4700/6000 Tourists that would make sense, since I'd have 4700 daily Tourist visits but could have 6000 because of the 1300 potentials. Any explanation?
  2. What happens when I play a MP Match alone?

    Hey, thank you very much for your reply. Great that its possible to continue a mp match alone
  3. Hi, I was wondering what happens when I play the match I started with a friend (we both have cities in that region which depend on each other) on my own? What happens to his city as long as he isnt there? And what happens to the things I receive from him or give to him?