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  1. Trend Pack

    It should be in the same location as in Online mode.  Are you seeing the History Panel button in Online mode?
  2. Heavy Layer Pack

    Version 0.0


    This mod adds additional pipe overlays to the heavy layers in SimCity. Pipe Overlays: This mod is similar to the PurpleLineInIndustrialTechMap, it adds colored lines to the different pipes used throughout the game. Special thanks to MaxisGuillaume for pointing me in the right direction. So far I have added pipe overlays to the following data layers: Crime Map: - Police 1 - Criminal - Police 2 - Crime Prevention Van - Police Helicopter - Detective Car - Criminal Home 1 - Criminal Home 2 - Criminal Home 3 More Pipe overlays to come with future versions. The package contains modifications to: - kHeavyLayerCrime (0x00b1b104/0x40e0e000/0x9fc1ce21) To install this mod, unpack the zip file into your SimCityData folder. This mod was made using Oppie's SimCityPak tool. The package name is jHeavyLayer.package.
  3. Trend Pack

    Sorry I wouldn't be able to tell you if it is possible or not, not my area of expertise.   Perhaps try posting on the forum mod request thread you may have better success.
  4. Trend Pack

    Thanks for the feedback.  I have updated the Mod description to include the 10.0 compatibility issue.  Even if the global market trending is not applicable to offline mode, I do plan on releasing a 10.0 compatible version that will provide the other trends (as well as some new trends I have been working on) for use in offline mode if possible.
  5. Trend Pack

    Sorry forgot to mention in the update post, but I did not use 100% localized strings in this version (sorry for those non-english speakers).  I plan to update all text to localized version if possible in the next version.
  6. Does anyone know, Is it possible to export .prop files to xml with the SimCityPak tool?
  7. Trend Pack

    I have to admit, it was all brute force trial and error to get it running.  Modify, try to load city, if (it hangs) {find mistake, rinse, wash, repeat}.  Quite painful, and nail biting to see if the Loading City... would hang or not.   I have been working on a better way, building a NetBeans project (eclipse was giving me too many headaches with the json support).  Oppie's latest update to the SimCityPak is great because 99% of the instance IDs have been updated to match the exact .js references, which makes it 100x easier to build the Layouts/ and Graphics/ directories.
  8. Trend Pack

    Fixed the issue with the Escape key no longer working, let me know if you find any other bugs. I am still getting familiar with how the javascript UI is setup.
  9. Trend Pack

    Version 1.1


    This Mod is now updated for Version 10.0. My first mod adds some much needed trending information to SimCity. Originally this mod was titled GlobalMarket.zip, I have renamed to Trend Pack, since that is more appropriate for the direction I am heading with this. Global Market (Online Mode Only): The first trend that is made available is the Global Market trend (previously only available from Main Menu). The Challenges button (top right) will now open the SimCityWorldPanel, instead of the original Challenges panel. The button icon has been updated to a world icon. History Panel (Online & Offline Modes): The other trends that are now available are accessible from the Leaderboards button (top right). This button will now open a new HistoryPanel. The button icon has been updated to be a trend icon. These trends show data points only for the currently active session, and the data stored locally. This data is stored to your local machine so if you switch to a different machine the past data points will not be displayed. Data points are collected every Sim hour (at 15m past the hour) and stored for one Sim year. So far the following trends are available: - Population, Commuters, Visitors - Budget, Mayor Rating, Zones, Government, Destruction - Power, Water, Sewage - Garbage, Fire, Health, Crime, Education - Bus, Street Car, Rail, Boat, Air - Mining, Metal, Oil, Electronics, Trade - Casino, Stadiums, Cultural I do not currently have plans to add any more trends at this time. Please post in the comments if there is any specific trend data that you would like to see. The package contains modifications to: - SimCityUI_min.js - GlobalUI2.js - SimCityWorldPanel.js - GlobalMarketLiveTab.js - icn-rollover-icons-challenges.png - icn-rollover-icons-challenges-on.png - icn-rollover-icons-leaderboard-norm.png - icn-rollover-icons-leaderboard-on.png To install this mod, unpack the zip file into your SimCityData folder. This mod was made using Oppie's SimCityPak tool. Please be sure to delete any older versions of the GlobalMarket.package. The new package name is jTrendPak.package. Warning: As I have been adding more trends I have started to notice an increase in the amount of time it take to load a city. Before trends I have seen ~30s load times, now I am seeing ~1m. I plan to look into the issue, but in the meantime, if you are concerned with city loading time please don't install this mod. (Update 3/23/14): I have been doing some further investigation into the city load times and can't tie the increase in time to this mod directly. It seems that the load times are more a function of city age and number of agents present. If anyone notices any significant increase in load times due to this mod please post in the comments. (Update 4/4/14): I am currently aware of an issue with the localstorage functionality implemented in the last version. This occurs when the data being stored exceeded the maximum quota size (~5mb). Once the quota is exceeded history data will no longer be stored, but is still viewable for the currently active sesssion. I am in the process of testing an update that would reduce the data size being stored and limit the maximum number of cities to prevent overfilling the quota. I will release the update as soon as testing is complete. Sorry for any inconvenience.