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    Buenos Aires
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    Interest me so much the architecture. I'm studying that course, on the university of Bs As, the UBA.

    Interest me the urban planning.
    I like so much do exercise.
    I like do the thing very well. If is possible, perfect. I hate things that are wrong.

    The SimCity 4 became one of my favorite games, and two years ago that game and really I like give life to the sims.
    At the beginning i did the cities, but then i destroyed my cities, do not know why. Never i reached a population of one million. Then I realized it was silly that, and I started to leave those and continue the region. Since then, i started to do best creations.

    Long time that i download files from STEX, but never interested me do contribution or CJ, and was a necessary that the rest know my cities. If not were only for me...

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    1. El Argentino
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      Jaja nada, estaba jodiendo. Qué copado es ver a otro argentino por estos lares; pensé que era el único. Saludos

    3. El Argentino

      El Argentino

      Ahh jajaja que boludo. Ami también me alegra amigo , abrazo!