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  1. Borotin

    Jesus Christ...   You are a master at this game. The quality of every square inch is maximized. Absolute perfection through and through.   This is the best CJ of all time. I have been a lurker on here and an on again off again player of SC4 since before RH and I felt the need to re-register to post comments in your CJ.   You have managed to take this game to new heights. Beyond a game, beyond a hobby.. you have turned it  into a legit medium of artistic expression.   You capture the inspirational quaintness and beauty of the real world and permute it and reimagine it as you see fit.
  2. Tisnov Area - Part 2

    I have to say that this is truly outstanding. I love towns of this size because each building and nook and cranny seems to have a purpose and individuality, but it is still substantial enough to be interesting.   Also I would like to offer that I think that Tisnov has the best implementation of a diagonal street I have ever seen, which is a significant statement given that 50% of the possible street arrangements are diagonals!   The sense of color is exquisite. Are you post processing the images to increase the saturation? If so, it is an improvement to the aesthetics of the images and I have to compliment you on the decision to do so.   Also I love the surrounding fields and lines of trees. The placement of the buildings sprinkled around the landscape in the outskirts of town was not unnoticed and is an excellent touch! This town is more than just realistic. It is better than real life! I would love to live there. :)