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  1. Couple of questions

    That's probably true. Like I said earlier, I'm still in that MUST-FILL-EVERY-SQUARE mode since the game is still new to me. The great thing is I can just start all over!
  2. Couple of questions

    Found the Industry 40 X employment. It would be perfect if it worked for I-HT only. However, I am killing it from my files, because having the I-D is beyond ludicrous. I'll keep digging around in the STEX until I find something I can live with. Thanks!
  3. Couple of questions

    Man alive learning how to build a highway infrastructure sucks. Another quick question: What are the max capacities for high tech industry jobs? My demand is 6000, yet none of the high tech buildings are expanding higher than 73, and most are in the 20s. They are all in highly desirable "green" areas on the map. Is it even worth it to have it if it doesn't go above 73?
  4. Couple of questions

    Awesome, thanks nonny! I can't wait to get off work and dive into NAM readme and manuals. Only question I have is when you said not to plop residential buildings. I'm not sure what you mean by that. (I think you mean just plopping down a residential house like you can a park or a stadium or whatnot, but as far as I can tell, I don't have the ability to plop businesses or industry or residential? Am I wrong?) Thanks!
  5. Bought the game last week during the Steam Summer Sale. I have devoured all the stickies here; thanks for everyone who has contributed in some form or fashion; it has really helped me and has cut way down on the many stupid $%&^! questions I'm sure I would've asked. But I still have a few questions I hope will be answered (and I apologize if they actually were answered in any of the aforementioned stickies; there is just so much to digest, something may not have stuck in my brain.) Everyone says install NAM and that it is essential. So I did. But what does it actually do? Basically just "fix" the AI so default sim transportation is more fluid? Is there a way to turn off the driving missions completely? What is the difference between game difficulties? I have been playing exclusively on easy; tried a few maps to try different things to get my feet wet. Currently have a region of more than 300k with two cities with more than 100k — but on easy mode. Read many people here say start slow on hard difficulty on turtle mode. (I have always played on turtle mode, too, so at least I got that going for me!) Is there a way to move buildings/stadiums/schools/etc.? Or do you have to destroy and rebuild? What's a good way to get familiar with mass transit? Also, the same with highways. Just trial and error? Do you build the infrastructure first or tear down what you already built once the need arises for mass transit? Will I ever lose the urge to have EVERY SQUARE OF MY CITY filled with something? Right now, a blank square seems like such a waste to me. Does this feeling erode over time (hopefully?!) I think that's all I have for now. Thanks in advance for the help!