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  1. Show us your airport.

    Ok, turns out I didn't have Sub buildings enabler on. Its not quite done yet. I need to add concrete tiles and finish the edges.
  2. Show us your airport.

    Joak's Airport and that new Seoul one just dont work for me! I dont know what im doing wrong. Those are all looking really good guys by the way. I wish i could create something that looks so nice.
  3. Show us your airport.

    This is the tower we were all looking for. It was back on the first page
  4. Show us your airport.

    These are all looking really nice. Im currently trying to create a working round terminal on my Hamsterdam map. Will get back soon with pics. Keep up the good work
  5. Show us your airport.

    @Robban040 Thats really nice! I love that so much, oh my gosh. Joak's terminal doesnt work for me idk why
  6. Show us your airport.

    Is anyone working on anything at the moment? I'd like to know.
  7. Show us your airport.

    Ahh that happened to me when i posted my Hamsterdam Intl, Its a bit weird. Well done though, it looks thoroughly detailed.
  8. Show us your airport.

    @Tomcat22 Nice job on that. I saw your airport on the steam workshop earlier, i have it in one of my smaller cities currently. But mainly well done for doing something that many of us wish we could do but cant.
  9. Show us your airport.

    I have put a bit more effort into this one. Its Hamsterdam International Airport. Im pretty pleased with how the terminals turned out to look. BTW I love fsx too
  10. Show us your airport.

    Yeah I built a new airport a while ago so I better post it later today, but the tower at Auckland is quite nice inside
  11. Show us your airport.

    Yeah im heading towards my PPL but i haven't decided if i want to continue to the CPL or go over to ATC I've been offered a intro into ATC because apparently they need more people over here
  12. Show us your airport.

    Yeah, my first thought was that it might make more planes use the airport but now I realise it wont really effect anything. Its nice to know people are inspired by my work
  13. Show us your airport.

    I use about a trillion planes I don't use that many but for my airport I use: Airport Roads Airport Terminal Runway Approach Lighting System One Way Street Arrows Mod (Those arrows you see, I recommend having them as taxiways and runways are one way.) (AD) Air control Tower Runway PAPI Lights That's about it and the Map is December island By Kimchi This guys maps are really good as they don't have road connections so you have busy harbours and airports.
  14. Show us your airport.

    I downloaded a map without road connections so the airport was the only way for people to get into the city. It works great almost all the planes are maxed out. This is Los Cruz Intl. It will only let me add one photo
  15. Show us your airport.

    This is my one, I've just been working on the airport. City is the next step :D. Graphics are low because the terrible capability of my laptop. Vaguely based on San Francisco Intl. All of the buildings are capable of receiving planes, which is my victory.