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  1. Wow! It's an amazing job! Congratulation! Theses picts are great. The last one is among my favorites (even if the bridge looks ridiculously small). Keep on!
  2. Ipanema

    Thank you for your comments guys, i really appreciate them. Thanks for your welcoming. Dr Boom : Well, the traffic is very good. I have almost no traffic jam, even at the city enter because i have a good balance between jobs and residentials. You can see that during the night, there is no cars which means that every sims are able to make the job-sleep-spend process within the day. I'm coming soon with new pictures of course!
  3. Ipanema

    08:19 am, the sun is rising on Sim Hurban Avenue. Few people on the street. 11:24 am, During the end of the morning, tourists and taxis go everywhere in the street. 14:12 pm, It is the end of the avenue, after a long walk you can see the city center from there. From there, small buildings and houses start. 15:48 pm 17:40 pm, A nice plaza where the avenue cross. 18:20 pm. This avenue has some nice hotels. This city is full of tourists. 21:40 pm Nobody stay that late in the street 01:35 07:10 It's just a single avenue, but a like this one Benedict : Yes, i had an other nickname, i just created this account. The first picture was adjusted but theses pictures are not, it is just in game filters.
  4. Ipanema

    Hello everyone! You don't know me, this is my first post in Simtropolis. I have been her for 8 years now, but i have never shown any of my cities. I show pictures mainly on Simland, a french website. So Ipanema is a city full of tourists and rich people (of course)! I'm going to show you some places, but so far let's start with a single picture. I'll come back tomorrow with more news of my city ! I have played a little bit with colors on this picture, but it is still from the game .