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  1. Show us your... roadsigns!!!

    A combination of Portuguese arrow style, UK Motorway number font, German DIN-style fonts, and French style centre location resulted with this standard directional signs in my nation of Los Bay Petros, maybe looks rather confusing though
  2. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    I'm relatively new on SimCity 4 and in here, so I will show you the first glimpse of the biggest city in my region, Bandar Feringghi (est. pop 275,000)
  3. Show us your... roadsigns!!!

    I made myself a directional traffic signs standards for my nation of Los Bay Petros. The signs are quietly similar to Irish and German style with a little modifications.
  4. Crash when loading city

    At first, I installed the EP1 patch. In the process a warning said that "The old file not found. However, a file of the same name was found. No update done since the file content do not match". The version also doesn't change.
  5. Crash when loading city

    I've tried to install the bug fixes my friend, but unfortunately the CTD still persists while loading the city . I've no clues at all.
  6. Crash when loading city

    I play with Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition File Version 1.1.610.0, and I'm running in Windows 7 Ultimate with 4GB RAM and 2GB VGA.
  7. Crash when loading city

    I've already checked all of the plugins that I'm added in my SC4, but still not working. I have several other smaller cities made before, and there's no crash happened in the loading process. Only the biggest city I have crashed while loading.
  8. Well I bought SC4 a few days ago, and created a city with about 200,000 citizens. Last time I played there's no problem when I load my city, but this time when I load my city the game just crashes in process. Firstly I thought that the image quality is the problem (I played with a default screen settings), and I decided to minimise the screen quality all to the lowest one. But still, the crash happened in the loading process. Anyone can explain? Thanks.