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  1. Too Many Hotels

    I was aware of the 'dezoning' trick but it has it's short comings. If you edit an area or 'badzilla' decides to visit the landfill the shops are replaced with hotels. I think Maxis needs to introduce at least a randomization to whether a hotel or shop appears. Better yet would be tourism proximity with some randomization. The real question is, are hotels actually different from shops in terms of revenue and function other than tourism? Although it bugs me to see nothing but hotels, can sims still shop there?
  2. I support the idea. However what can be done about those who start cities and then accomplish nothing because they end up vegging out?
  3. Isolated self sustaining city

    No man is an island. Neither is a city. The simulation is not designed for isolation as you are dependant on global resources to flourish, as it is in real life.
  4. Try to find the cause. In region view you should be able to see if you trucks are stuck on the highway. If they are not... At the sub-level of the trade depot. (have 40K on hand) Bulldoze just the trucks. Now plop them back in. I've had that work. There are other issues I've yet to fully comprehend. I had a processor factor manufacturing 9600 crates a day pretty much next door to my trade depot. Then I had the bright idea of moving the whole thing directly across the street. I wanted to make better use of space. Sadly the replacement plant has never produce more than 4800 crates since.
  5. Hey folks, Server: NA East 4 Region: Offbeaton Cities: 5 GWs: 1 Mountainous. USER: Yadatsme
  6. Hey angelcitysdevil, We got a good game going! I didn't get a chance to thank you for the invite. I'll do that now...Thanks! I expect to be at City Hall this evening. (Tues 26-Mar--2013 @18:00 hrs EST) If I can catch you in your office, we'll do lunch. Yadatsme