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  1. How often does your game crash?

    I had non stop CTD and I used every trick in the book. Turns out it was an audio issue. Disabled audio for the game and no more crashes.
  2. Nevermind, I had to register to LEX, download SC4mapper2013 and follow his stuff to edit the city sizes. yay for bay bridge! Boo for not being able to import medium cities in large city spaces !
  3. Hello, I was using the default San Francisco map and was thoroughly annoyed at how many medium sized cities they placed, which make it hard to connect the bay bridge and Golden Gate bridge. I was hoping to increase the size of some of those cities to the large 4x4 tile size. Is there any way to edit this? If so, how. Also, would i be able to import 2 medium cities to 1 large city?