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  1. I shall give this a go. Pretty annoying that you have to build two cities to make one city work.
  2. Yeah, I had thought about something like that being the cause. So the solution is to only have I OR C?
  3. I believe industrial was saying nowhere to ship freight so more trade depots perhaps? One of the reasons for residential abandonment was no money, even though my taxes are only 7% for residential.
  4. Hi there, I recently got Sim City and have since created 3 cities. Two were practice cities that I've since given up on and now I've started a new region with my friend. Basically, in each of the 3 cities I've created, I've ended up with exactly the same problem. I have extremely high residential demand (all three wealth types) and extremely high industrial demand. At this point though I've run out of space and building are already upgraded to medium/high density. At the same time, I keep getting residential blocks and high density industrial building being abandoned. I don't understand, why are they abandoning when there is such high demand?! I don't understand what it is I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help? Thanks