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  1. Here is the 2nd video within the series, I hope the few Simtropolis folks that seen the first one enjoyed it!
  2. Hey, As some may know, I am Jason. T his is the first video of my 3rd city within the 1st region of our Let's Play video series. (Whew, that was a mouthful, wink) In this video I focus mainly on laying the ground work and setting up resources from my neighboring cities to develop a hopefully successful Tourism and Gambling city. It will help to populate and once again, "hopefully" benefit from the regional Arcology. Please enjoy this 32 minute video! I do these for the fun of playing and entertainment of the viewer, Feedback is most defiantly and ALWAYS welcome, positive or even, less sensitive! Thank you! Jason
  3. In this video I introduce a new series "SpeedCity" and complete the first city in the first region. The series will feature time lapsed videos of city development. Without giving away too much of the content in the first cities video it will be the "Provider" for the first set of cities within this quadrant of the region. Things to look forward to in future "SpeedCity" series videos, More precise cinematography of city development (Hard to do without funding and this first city will provide smoother growth to it's neighbors) Each city will have 2 videos or at least 2 significant parts to 1 video, a short time lapse of just growth and a complete time lapse of the entire gameplay (I haven't decided yet whether videos will be separate) Each city will continue to feature a role within the region (Or at least its quadrant) Music, I am scouting several music possibilities and have made some inquiries Consistency, The SpeedCity videos wont be daily but I do plan on releasing at least one a week. (I do upload a Let's Play video from a separate series generally on a daily basis) I think I have covered most of the important things without too many spoilers. If you are interested in gameplay video series and looking for something or someone different to watch please consider checking out my video series, below you will find the first city in the series "SpeedCity" Thank you, Jason SeriousSIMCITY
  4. Hey! I am Jason and I have been uploading the beginnings of my Let's Play Series over the past 2 weeks. I am happy to say I have finished my first city which focuses on the fundamentals of creating a successful Mining, Smelting and Trade city! I am fairly new to this Let's Play stuff but I find it very fun and it helps me enjoy the game a little more than I would playing "alone" (can I say I am not playing alone although I really am?) Meh, anyway I have gotten a fair amount of support from my growing viewer count and it fuels me to continue! Tonight I will record another 5 or 6 hours while I develop a neighboring city in the same region. City 2 in Region 1 will focus on Recycling, Importing, Processor production and TV production. It will fuel efforts to build an Arcology which will eventually make way for our 3rd city, Tourism and Gambling. If you are into watching people play or are stumped on creating a legitimate "Cash Cow" city to fuel your region, Please take some time to see if I present the tone and productivity that you require in a Let's Play series! Thanks, I hope you enjoy!