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  1. Great observation, I don't really have much to add but I wanted to quote this because it is the best explanation I've read so far.
  2. Effective Road Layout

    I think it's a good layout that works for your specialization. Do you also bring in many visitors? I have a lot of traffic problem with my University city (240k+ pop). There is only 1 motorvehicle entrance to the University building (front-right parking lot), which inevitably causes traffic. Worst part is the Uni is designed to open 4 classes throughout the day, (6 AM / 9 AM / 12 PM / 3 PM) but most students spawn for the first two classes and overload its capacity, while the 12/3 PM isn't being used efficiently.
  3. No, especially at the rate Maxis is sorting out the problems. I really just want them to fix the damn bugs. I understsand launch issues on a multiplayer game, but it actually hid most of the gameplay problems. Here I am looking at a city that has "peaked" under current traffic & agent mechanics along with debilitating bugs. Not to mention the absent, core city features such as better transit systems & tools which will probably be DLCed in. I'm simply astonished how they think it's fine and dandy to bulk all fixes in one big patch when they could have hotfixed a couple in while we waited for the "big one". Given their shoddy business practice, why wasn't I allowed to pay $10 for this game and pay more as they fixed all the problems? Because I didn't get a "full-feature" game. They claim this is a multiplayer/social game, but why is there still significant lag when I'm using the in-game chat to communicate with my friends? Why the heck is the chatbox so tiny & non-resizable? Why does the core social/multiplayer features like Great Works and resource/service sharing not sync/work properly? I know a lot of people here are very protective of Maxis, but they are the ones responsible for ensuring good gameplay experience. If they want to charge full retail price for a game, they need to back it up with good game & service. Big devs like Blizzard & Valve accept the industry has evolved from retail to service. Maxis is clearly stuck in the past with this level of incompetence. The saddest part of this is, I knew the game wouldn't be good enough at release & I bought it for $40 on Amazon. Even then I'd say EA/Maxis is laughing their way to the bank because this game isn't worth $20.
  4. Show me your ...population!

    Does low wealth residential apartments have the highest population?
  5. I also like to rebuild my city to try and correct some traffic congestion etc. I made an oil pump city with over 30 mil in the bank & I thought I needed to improve the city by doing a complete rework. I noticed my citizens were WALKING to clinics because the ambulances stopped working. All the effort trying to remove ground pollution, and planning new road layout is gone out the window by this ridiculous bug. This needs to be hotfixed ASAP because you need to have working service vehicles to grow your city...