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  1. Anyone else lost interest?

    The game is O.K. until the traffic jam appears. Sims cant get to university, jobs on time and all hell break loose from there. It's upsetting watching your city burn down because fire engines can't get to the fire due to traffic jam. SIGHS You can only restart so many times before you call it quits.
  2. Simcity price is already reduced.

    Some times you can find Walmart or Amazon lower prices of brand new game to lure more shopper to browse their store or website. Basically they hope you buy other stuff that makes up whatever they lose on the game. But sometimes it's just a fire sale because it cost Amazon to store products in their warehouse and they just want to get rid of it. I think Amazon had it with EA's nonsense and just want to get rid of their SimCity inventory at this point. It would be interesting to see EA and Amazon's relationship play out since EA basically torpedoed Amazon's customer service by providing a faulty game.