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  1. Yes! It's Possible!

    Catchin, I ran into a little snag with this, which, sucked the life out of me. :kitty: I started off by building dirt roads for a basic layout. I followed a very natural looking treeline on the edge of a forest. I moved in a few mobile homes, to give it that rustic, pioneer feeling. On the other end of the map, I plopped a single factory lot. Utilities etc were all imported from other cities. I was progressing along quite nicely, with a few commercial places opening up to give it a community feel. All was well, until about 3 hours later, I noticed that my forest had shrunk beyond 50% of its original size. So I ran a test and laid a couple more zones down and noticed they consmed the forest as they built. Ok, no problem. Over time, I went from a lush forest area to a barren mid-central plain, and from the looks of it, even the hedge hogs moved out. It was desolate and completely devoid of trees. ​Ok, no problem, or so I thought. I plopped a bunch of trees around my sparsely developed, 300 pop community. It was very pretty looking, again. About an hour later, without building a single thing, no upgrades, nothing (I let the game run), again, the forest I laid had begun to disappear! So now I'm at a loss for what to do to continue the backwoods living. I'm guessing its coded into the game, but from what I saw, it's deforestation at an alarming rate and near impossible to maintain over the long haul. I should have capped a screen sooner, but here's a before and after of the small area I built showing the reduced tree-line over time. The large curved road (on the right) is where the original forest line was. It stretched across the map to the factory. I'm going to continue building. I still love the idea of small town play. I've noticed (hence the edit) the trees around developed area degrade at a slower pace, so maybe once things are built up a bit more, it won't be so bad. Sorry, you'll have to excuse me, I have to administrate grief counselling to 300 citizens who are coping with a small town murder. Sad times.
  2. Yes! It's Possible!

    Long time reader, first time poster. This post was the shot of creativity I've been looking for. I'm not one to play by raw numbers alone and this strikes the balance I've been looking for. The aesthetic is as as beautiful as it is stunning. Incredibly pleasing to the eye. I created this account to say, Thank You! :-)