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  1. Can my PC run SimCity 5?

    hi if you read above on my earlier post you can find my specs, it is similar to yours except for the graphics and windows 8. now, I did this system requirements a couple of months ago and it came back saying that I did not have the required specs it needed to play the game on minimum despite this, I carried on and bought the game. I have being playing the game for a few weeks now and has being working fine on medium/high settings (with only a few problems such as the camera movement being slightly jerky) My city has being growing and still the same results. It should be ok for you as well however the graphics card concerns me slightly; however I think it could run ok on lower settings and just about on medium settings However, I might be wrong and you might play the game fine! Hope this helped and good luck!!
  2. Can my PC run SimCity 5?

    hi my computer is a hp pavilion with core i5 processor CPU 2.5 gHz and 1000 gb of memory. it has a Intel® HD Graphics 4000 and 6.00 gb of ram. Also, it is a windows 8 64 bit computer. Can it run SimCity?