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  1. Adventures In New Urbanism --- A Journal

    This has been great! Good show, good show.. (Stands up and leaves the theatre..)
  2. Adventures In New Urbanism --- A Journal

    Keep it up! I'm very interested to hear more! Regards,
  3. Simtropia

    Hi Jeroni! I see you're not using the demand mod in SimTropia, am I correct? Must be quite a change, I'm curious to see how you will tackle the problem of creating the demand you want. This update perhaps wasn't the best we've seen, but its a good one nevertheless! I like 05.04 a lot, great detailing! Just the way I like it! Its also nice to see that even you sometimes use some of the more 'traditional' quick fixes (grids..). But the griddy town looks great anyway! Enjoy the game! I haven't had time to play in months, but as soon as I have, I'm gonna find those nice custom playground you have there. Or are they your work? Regards,
  4. Simtropia

    Date: 9/24/2005 8:04:33 PM Author: louisville327 ...However, I'm failing to see what all the fuss is about...quote> I believe its mainly a result of Sculpting Columbia River. Jeroni is getting six times as much comments as everyone else because he is a SimTropolis hero! In SCR he showed many people new things to do with SC4; new ways to play the game everyone here loves so much. He inspired many of us in a way that has greatly enhanced our game experience. Most importantly, Jeroni is about the nicest guy around. More helpful, friendly and dedicated City Journalers than him are hard to find! Jeroni, I'm liking it still! I'd love to see some more detailing, cause I know how good you are at that! Regards,
  5. Simtropia

    Hi there Jeroni! Building has started! Congratulations! I like your farming style a lot, I'm curious to see if you'll detail it as beautifully as you did with Sa Pusa for example. Keep the creativity coming and have fun! Regards, p.s.: Sloppet, your enthusiasm is great, but as your own statistics show: you post more than twice as much as Jeroni himself does! Enthusiasm is great, but don't take over Jeroni's CJ.. His creations will draw attention and replies themselves, no help is needed..
  6. Simtropia

    Hi there Jeroni! The map is looking awesome! This CJ is moving at top speed, eh? And you haven't even started building yet! You have many many fans. My vote goes to Bastiania! Simply because a great kid deserves to come in the first place! Regards,
  7. Adventures In New Urbanism --- A Journal

    You're a great story teller, and it's an interesting story you tell! This was one of the first journals I really loved, earlier this year when I joined. I'm very glad you're back and curious to hear the rest of the story! Good luck!
  8. Simtropia

    Good luck my friend!
  9. Such an amazing CJ as this deserves a reply. I can't believe the amount of work you've put into this, it must be a lot of fun to do! And the result is becoming a true SimTropolis master piece. If you keep this high quality up, you'll be walking with the greatest CJers in no time.. I love it!
  10. WOW! This is incredible!
  11. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Date: 7/25/2005 4:30:18 AM Author: frndofyaweh JUST WANTED TO SAY, I have been there and am familiar with the japanese symbols. I looked all over that site for about 30 min. now. Are the japanese batters children? every lot, except this fishing village above, looked horribly unattractive. I looked through 28 pages in their exchange and just got... well,... ill. quote> Unless you are Japanese yourself, which you clearly aren't, don't judge them. Japan has a highly complicated culture in which honour is very important. You calling them children is way out of line, and astonishingly rude. Look through all 44 pages of this thread, and tell me again that everything (except this fishing village above) looks horribly unattractive. Just like on SimTropolis there are many Lots on Japanese sites that aren't that good, but if you make an effort you'll find amazing work by great Japanese artists that could easily compete with the best SimTropolis artists. Many of them have actually started posting on ST since the beginning of this thread because many people showed their appreciation and respect for their work. Don't ruin that! As for everyone keeping this thread alive, many many thanks, especially to Eddiem. And for all Japanese Batters who may read this: thanks ever so much for many beautifull creations that lighten up my SC4 gaming experience! Regards,
  12. Under Bridge Scenery

    I just love little lots that add realistic detail. Many of your creations in this thread are great, but those stairs in the last image are so awesome I had to post and tell you! Please continue, and release on the STEX when you feel you have a collection you're proud of.
  13. Ammonia Plant

    Very interesting, it really stands out on the STEX. Which is about the best compliment I can give you. :) If you're gonna make more industrial growables, I'd love that! We need more!
  14. PEG Scenic Drive Kit

    So simple, yet SO good!!!
  15. BSC Textures SG Vol 01