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  1. Department of Peace Socialist Federation of Alviantov Hello comrades, welcome to the Socialist Federation of Alviantov. Alviantov Federation known as the richest country in East Europe by GDP per capita, also the AOWN's 3rd richest country after the Saudi Diyar and Unglonian Commonwealth. Located in Earth's northern hemisphere, border share with Russia and Finland. Cold climate make our country is bad for agriculture. Potato and beef is our national food, but we import vegetables from tropical countries. We are great in mine, Gold, Silver, Oil, Charcoal, Uranium, or anything you deserve is available in Alviantov Federation, including the world's newest matter, Alviantonium. The Alviantov Federation is one of the five AOWN's 7 founding members. 2 Alviantovian ever being AOWN's Secretary General. Today's president, Vladimir Nikola Yusakhrayem Alviantov , is a son of President Vladimir Alviantov, founding father of Alviantov Federation. People in the capital, Moksvi ussually live in a flat. Also the people of Vividolem, the largest city. because House is expensive and government ask for high tax for high-wealth house. Saint Iryanov Bridge is a Bridge that connect Mainland Alviantov Federation with the island of Novaya Zemlya, this is the East Europe longest bridge. Mine, Mine, Mine! Enormous Mining Vehicle is needed to mine the Federation's wealth. Just it, sorry if the picture is bad any critics and praise are open. Thankyou - Spasiba - Terima Kasih!