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  1. Show me the money! 1M+

    Haha damn. My biggest problem is getting the Electronics HQ to upgrade. I need to make processor factories all over the city!
  2. Show me the money! 1M+

    Nice! at work right now but I have 3mil and quickly rising. I seem to make a lot more money with industry than you, with the green bar being equal to money from your sims. I'm also doing processors, making about 375K a day from selling them (with only 1 processor and 1 recycling factory). I also make +7K per hour from industry and sims taxes.
  3. Region 'New Caprica' is in need of some more players. My city 'Caprica City' is doing quite well with millions of simoleans in the bank, all the schools including two universities (I'll probably make it three) combined for a mega university. Hell I'll even gift a nice sum of simoleans as a gift to the first few mayors to join in! (I am quite generous). Will also be making a seperate 'water' city to feed water to all the cities in the region. Region name: New Caprica Origin Name: RoshDawg Hope to see you there!