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  1. good tips for a mining/trade city?

    oh my. that was a lot. i did the misstake though that i don't have any rail or water connection to my city. but i will try out some of your tips and see how far il get
  2. good tips for a mining/trade city?

    i do have plenty of space. the entire area around the mines have a nice ammount of ore. i will try to get a few more mines and trade depots. they are quite cheap after all
  3. good tips for a mining/trade city?

    all are usually set to exporting though i will try your tip when i can. approximately how many depots would i need to make it quick? i'm aiming to try alloy production or something similar to get more money
  4. i've lately been trying to build my first mining city and i wonder if anyone got any good tips on how to do it properly and how to get the metal HQ upgraded fast. so far i've managed to build a nicely sized city around the mines with 3 trade depots because they ship the products too slow at times for me. traffic isnt much of a problem in the city though the trade HQ isnt having a lot of progress towards its upgrade even with what i've built now. this is my city as it is right now: what stuff should i focus on doing next in my city/what should i change? and what are some good tips for moving onwards with it?