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    Ah okay, thank you!
  2. I'm just coming up to being able to build the Solar Farm for my region but I have a question which may seem a little silly. As I have the items needed to build the farm already, I was wondering if I had to set my trade depot to use these items locally or if they needed to be exported to be able to build the solar farm? I know I have to say I will deliver the goods when I finally get the permission but was just wondering if I needed to change my depot or anything like that. Thanks!
  3. Yeah I thought it could possibly be the bug everyone seems to be going on about. About 10 minutes after posting this, I continued with my city and got attacked by the big reptile, destroyed so much! It destroyed my biggest trade depot so I demolished and rebuilt with the same add on's as the last one. What I did notice though is that even though I have 4 trucks per depot, they do not move out of their garages. Whether this is just purely decorative I don't know or whether it is broken I am unsure as I have never properly investigated into it, but wondered if that could possibly be a bug? I did however, go to region view to see whether freight was being transferred to my two other cities and noticed a lot of trucks coming and going, and when I followed them the problem seemed to solve itself (I was mainly waiting for my processor truck to arrive to get more money). So whether it's just a case of my game messing up or I have to now view my region and follow the delivery trucks to arrive and take my items then... Following them helped though, manage to upgrade both my HQs with one delivery of processors! Hopefully my train freight doesn't do the same!
  4. So I have this city that I am really proud of, earning lots of money from my ore mine and trading. However, recently it's becoming messed up. I currently have four trade depots in my industrial part of town, to accommodate for Raw Ore, Plastics, Alloys, General Freight, Metals and Processors. All of my depots have the maximum delivery trucks and are near the likes of the recycling center, mine and processor factory and are set out to export all goods. However, recently, my mine has closed due to no storage, followed by my processor factory and shortly followed by my recycling center. I closed each of them down to save my money being spent on them each hour, hoping that the trade depot will ship the goods and I can reopen them at a later date. I have even tried reopening them to see if them being closed could cause the shipments to not happen but with no luck. I am also stuck with the likes of the HQs as I have both the Trading HQ and Metal HQ that I cannot upgrade due to not having enough being sent out due to the goods not moving. I have watched over my depots to see if they are working at all and the general freight comes and goes very quickly suggesting that it's not like the delivery vans are getting stuck. I have got a trading port, connected to my train system but cannot use until I upgrade the HQ so basically I'm screwed. I've monitored the traffic around the areas in which the trade depots and factories are and there never seems to be any traffic. I've seen people comment before that the delivery trucks are not able to get in and out of the region or to the depots because of traffic but luckily, mine seems okay. Any advice someone can give me? I've put in a lot of hours on this city and don't want to see it go to ruins because of this really Thanks!