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  1. Trivordam: The Source of Opportunity

    Originally posted by: Hyronymus This looks stunning so to say. Very nice street layout and the sunken highway looks very good.quote> You're right, especially the roads construction! Hope you can fix the mod-problems Damastius..... (@ Hyronymus: BTW, 5 years ago, only 15 days difference between us subribing to Simtropolis, was it not the high point of SC4?)
  2. New York City

    Whoaaah! You're sure you don't post photo's of NY instead of ingame pictures? Beginning to loose to see the diference....
  3. Arivana

    (Hi fellow Dutchmen) This looks like one of the neatest cities around! You can clearly see some dutch city structure on a new found land (not living in The Netherlands?: for more info just search for 'Flevoland' in wkpedia) Nee tegen ontpolderen! kan je weer zo'n stad bouwen, hehe ;-)
  4. Brunton - A CXL2011 Video

    Great to see some action, good idea! Keep it up man!
  5. Kiffissia Country

    This city makes me think that CXL could really be the next good SIM-C! And I doubted that for 2 years now! Great work man....
  6. Aegina - Interbellum - CJ

    This is pure *art* man!
  7. Trivordam: The Source of Opportunity

    Finally a city that shows some innovation regarding realism, wonderful...I was getting bored of city journals with cities everybody can *plop*.....
  8. Aegina - Interbellum - CJ

    This is pure art man......shame no one replied since august '10!
  9. One for the Canadians

    Works for me with CXL2011