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  1. i have more than one problem with the rushhour-pack. first sc4 works fine without rh, but after installing it the problems started. it needs 5 minutes to load only the city or a new city, when sc4 needs only max. one minute!? then there is the second problem, i see no writings in the menue, i only can see the buttons without description. the third problem is the biggest, the performance is really unplayable, its so lame ... i got a pentium 2,4ghz, 512ram, radeon 7000, why runs sc4 well and rh so i hope you can help me thanks anyway edit: when i start rh i first get an black screen, then i switch back to desktop and there i get a warning the configuration file(graphicsRules.sgr) cannot be parsed. using built-in rules. i click ok and go back to the game and it begins to load...