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  1. High Speed Rail Project

    I would prefer to see the HSRP take 2 tiles, I think that it would actually be a better balance to the game, and even not being able to tunnel would be a acceptable cost. It makes sense too, High Speed Tracks require special considerations, curves cannot be as sharp, etc., so having to sacrifice 2 tiles of development instead of one is a sensable and acceptable cost. (I also think Highspeed Trains should be VERY expensive). As for a subway connection, I am not a fan of Modes of Transportation changes, sure this limits us to straight tunnels, or none at all, but I think that a 2 wide highspeed tile is better than subway connections (plus we could make 2 puzzle pieces that do the sub->HS Rail, a left and right one, than drag the tunnel across both, 90 degrees are possible underground)