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  1. Any word on the invalid integer problem?
  2. NAM Interchange Difficulties

    Hey Moose, thanks and I agree. I'm not worried about using my "live" city as it's just a corner of it. The rest is thriving still and it's all subject to bulldozing at any time Anyway, I'm actually pretty intuitive about this stuff but this is just not making sense. I even tried the simplest thing I could think of, an overpass, and that even fails. Then I tried just plopping down different interchanges to see what they looked like in the game and see what I could maybe use and found the attached. That doesn't look right so I'm thinking something may be seriously amis. I've removed all my plugins and reinstalled and still the same. BTW, where are there any tutorial videos? Didn't notice any here or on SC4.
  3. NAM Interchange Difficulties

    I tried to make the dumbell interchange http://sc4devotion.com/forums/index.php?PHPSESSID=d07baec5b757c0c727908cbf8cc37f05&topic=6843.msg315806#msg315806 but can't even get the road to connect to the roundabout I know I'm just using the wrong pieces but what's the trick to find/pick the correct one?
  4. NAM Interchange Difficulties

    Odin: Thanks for the post. I had found those but didn't see the roundabout that I have which, since NAM is the only thing I've added, I'm guessing is in there. Anyway, may try that one although not sure about space. I was trying to put this into the middle of my industrial/commercial district. Joe: I did find the 90 degree curves and they seemed to line up about as well. I could get mostly 2 of the 3 connectors to work but with all 4 90 degree curves relatively in the same place, the other sides didn't line up. What do you mean by dragging out smaller 90 degree curves? Thanks!!!
  5. I've scanned - yes I'll admit did not read every bit - of the guides and docs and believe everything is installed properly. Even removed everything in the plugins folder and reinstalled. Anyway, I'm trying to graduate from the grid layout and thought for my first attempt to use the roundabout. That failed miserably as I couldn't get anything to line up. Next attempt was to ensure I was using mods from the same pack and create a simple interchange. Not that it would be pretty or anything just a bit more functional than 4-way stop lights. That failed miserably as well. I've tried starting with the central road and adding the curves but then the interchanges don't line up. I tried with an overpass and that was even more of a disaster. Again, primary mod installed is NAM and using just the curves, road and interchanges from the Build Highways and Ramps mode. I'm guessing that I'm just not using the right pieces or they aren't designed to be symetrical. If that's the case, then is there a step-by-step on the roundabout to get 4 one way or two way roads to interconnect, function and look right? Thanks!!
  6. Expansion Packs

    I downloaded the Crime Doesn't Pay mod but it indicates the Rush Hour expansion pack is required. I purchased this version (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00457VJ3G/ref=dsvrt_review_asin_detail) but am unsure if that includes the expansion pack as some places indicate that it does and others do not. Is there an easy way to tell what expansion packs are installed?