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  1. Totally agree. This one factor is why congestion, school attendance, refuge colleciton, mass transit etc etc utterly fail in the simulation. You do that to show that the AI is flawed.
  2. Yes! It's Possible!

    Love Piehole. Fab and a nice look to it too. If you play this as SimTown then this works fairly well. As a person who does live in a town rather than city I am quite happy to build 10k-20k towns in this sim. Others prefer skyscrappers. Each to their own I guess.
  3. Casino's

    My omly expereince to date has been to start with extra rooms and GENTLY add on the blackjack etc. Key is to attract $ sims. As your tourist numebr sclimb so you increase the casino. I took over an abandoned city recently with a fully expanded level 1 casino and it was loosin money by the shedload. I am unclear why, yet my small casino is curretnly making $5k an hour.
  4. Joining a Region

    It jsut makes a nonsesnse of EAs asertion that this is a multiplayer game.
  5. Shoppers hell

    I not sure where we can officially report these glitches.
  6. I saw a post on either this forum or the offical EA forum regarding the movement of teh different sims wealth groups. So $ sims only go to $ shops and industry etc. I can't find that post but felt I had to comment at how wrong that is, if indeed it is true. In real life $ industries will have middle and upper management who will be $$ and $$$ people. $$$ people will shop occasionally in $ stoers for their milk and cheap batteries. $ people will work in $$$ shops. $ people will shop in $$ shops. I am fed up of my shops saying they have no shoppers when clearly there are. Some form of weighting system needs to be applied so that a % of $$ and $$$ workers go to $ industries/ shops etc.
  7. Joining a Region

    I agree. I joined a region for the first time. I can't trade with the other cities because it keeps saying I have no conneciton to them which makes no sense when I can connect to my own cities on that region. So no trading. Several of the cities have been abandoned now. There is no easy chat facility except the log. I can at present so no benefit to regions.
  8. As you can see from the attached capture there is a bug with shopping feedback. Now, either there are enough shoppers or there are not. make your mind up.