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  1. New region in NA E 2 if you wanna join

    I searched for your name, and when it came up I clicked on the Icon on the left. Once I did that it showed games that you were active in, I found the region you set up that way and was able to join.
  2. I can't get into the city i've been spending time on because the server is still processing something or other. Maybe a good time to go to bed. I hope the people at EA/Maxis didn't crack open a big bottle of champagne when they thought they had the server issues fixed.
  3. Roll Back Issues

    I'm having the same issue. I've also noticed that tonight, when I log back in my progress seems to have reverted back a half hour or so. When I see the message, "trying to reconnect to simcity servers", I know i'm pretty much screwed.
  4. I've been able to click the road tool, then under the icons where you can select straight, curved etc there is a button for upgrading the road. When you click that and highlight the section of road you want it shows the next upgrade possible (ex. med to high density). I have not noticed any of my existing buildings being destroyed in the process. Hope this helps.