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  1. 'Disabling' region mechanics?

    Thank you for the new answers. They're helpful even if they're not what I'm looking for. It seems there really is no way to do what I want... Unless I can get that editor NCGAIO linked above to work (fingers crossed). i guess I'll do what some of you have recommended and simply play mixed cities one at a time. If there were a way to merge four Large cities, I tell you I might never see daylight again... Oh well. Perhaps in some future SC, or a clone if someone actually makes a worthwhile one. Btw, I don't care that much what kind of people live in my skyscrapers, as long as they're tall and plentiful. (The people and the buildings)
  2. 'Disabling' region mechanics?

    I'm afraid you haven't understood what exactly modding is, and therefore what it can do and what not. WIth modding, we can change a parameter, eg find that "10%" (if it is somewhere in the game's .dat files and not hardcoded) and make it 5% or 20%, but we cannot change the game dynamics (these are mostly hardcoded). You can make a 1x1 park that raises caps to near infinity (or some set max value), and this could count as a million connections, but this will only raise demand caps, not demand itself. If your problem is not caps, the park will have no effect. You won't get that extra 10% if you don't have neighbour(s), no matter your caps status. EDIT: one could easily make some "Super Demand Mod", which would nail R and C demand to the top, but that's clearly a cheat. That's what the mod that I linked does, if I've understood correctly. But must the demand be maxed? Couldn't you just make it, say, 40% higher or something (to simulate neighbor connections)? You can definitely get more development with neighbours around, but you don't need a large region for this. I think a region of 2x2 large cities, and a row of small or medium cities at the one edge would do, ie a config.bmp sized 8x9 or 8x10. You can't have a very high percentage of R$$$ because you won't have enough jobs for them - demand for CO$$/$$$ is easily exhausted once you grow some medium or large offices or towers, and then you need a fresh load of educated workers, to get more CO$$/$$$ demand. These can't be "imported" (newcomers have a very low EQ), so you have to educate them yourself. Initially these will be R$ and R$$. Not to mention that only 15% of the CO$$$ jobs are actually R$$$ (65% are R$$ and 20% R$). For CO$$ the breakdown is 10-50-40%. Without these R$$ and R$ workers your offices will be faltering, thus endangering your R$$$ sims' jobs too! For CS (even CS$$$) it's even worse, but CS pays very high taxes, and of course the jobs they offer help you increase your R population (which you need to educate), without having to build polluting industries and farms, That's why I insist in satisfying all R and C demand (even R$ and C$), before zoning for more industry. But if I fill a few neighboring cities with commercial jobs, then isn't it possible to have one tile as entirely R$$$? Or the other way around - have a tile full of Commercial skyscrapers and the living quarters in neighboring cities? Does it work like this or is the demand increase always a flat 10%? (I should probably read a tutorial or two, this is a pretty nooby question.) I do have all the school buildings in my city, although they're almost bankrupting me even with the radius doubler and lowered funding. Edit: Screwed up the quoting, but whatever; the blue text is mine. @SilverCyric: Are you talking about the extra cheats dll mod? I still haven't installed that but I think I will soon. What I referred to as 'cheat mod' was the RCI utility thingy that I linked above, that maxes all the demands. I just want to raise them a little bit, not jack them all the way up. I meant to see about whether it can be done but I've been busy all day; I'll try it tomorrow. EDIT2: Dem files (in the RCI mod) all be .dat type... Doesn't take kindly to Notepad, that type. Any ideas?
  3. 'Disabling' region mechanics?

    But I want to grow them the normal way, so it takes some effort, and it feels like *building* a city, not simply plopping it down. That's why I didn't install the cheat mod. I just want the need for neighbor deals to go away, with no other changes. It's not a big enough deal that I'll *stop* playing the game if I can't do it, but it will sap, say, 30% of my current enthusiasm, which is a lot in my book.
  4. 'Disabling' region mechanics?

    But can I get as much skyscrapers without neighbors as with them? If it just takes a longer time that's perfectly fine. But if I can get, say, 500k max without deals and 750k with them, then I will need to find some way around this. I enjoy aesthetics as much as the next guy, but the beautifulest thing imo is not gimping myself for no reason. Eventually I will want to have 100% R$$$, or as much as is practically possible. I want to fill the map with skyscrapers; once I've made one huge city, I can then move on to other, smaller experiments. Btw - llama advisors? That's got to be a hoot! I hope they don't 'baa' at me all the time then (or whatever kind of sound llamas make; I'm not an expert).
  5. 'Disabling' region mechanics?

    Hmm so the caps aren't all there is to it? Is it 10% more growth per connection? So the fastest growing, biggest possible city would be a Large tile with many tiny neighbors? What a nightmarish proposition! I'm playing on a Tokyo map and I eventually want to have a huge megalopolis, so it'd nag in the back of my head if I knew I could get more people by having more neighbors, yet chose against it. If all else fails, your solution is probably something I can live with. But are you sure that modding couldn't fix the issue? Couldn't you just make a building that simulated 10 neighbor connections for all intents and purposes (apart from trash deals etc.)?
  6. 'Disabling' region mechanics?

    No offense people but I wonder if you read all my posts? I don't want to make a gimped city that can never have maximum demand, which is what a single-tile region does (or so I understood; if I'm wrong and it works differently I apologize). I did search the STEX a little bit and found some demand cap mods that were close to what I wanted. The only problem is that they're 'cheat' mods that remove all demand caps altogether. I'm looking for a little more subtle approach, i.e. I only want to get rid of the neighbor deal related caps. The others can stay in place, so I won't get skyscrapers straight away. Fortunately it seems that what I want is indeed possible, if I read this correctly: "TO be brief, The demand cycle is very segmented and allows a great deal of customization. Ah and it´s worth to note that due to this segmentation, each demand type is a isolated variable and it´s possible to set the minimum and maximum values for each one at will (including regional demands)" :thumb: I'll do some more digging, here and on the SC4devotion site, see if I can find a neat, ready-made solution. If not, I think I'll ask in the modding forums, since it sounds like it'd be an easy enough change to make. Or I could try installing that mod and tweaking the files... We'll see how it goes.
  7. 'Disabling' region mechanics?

    The new SC is a straight-up corporate ripoff, too bad to qualify for a bad joke imo. I mean always online? Broken traffic? 900k pop with NO JOBS or UTILITIES (just set taxes to 0% and watch them 'scrapers soar! )?! No thank you. Even if everything else were corrected (which it won't be), the cities are laughably small in that game, perhaps as large as a medium square in SC4. The Large square is just barely enough for me; about 4x that would be ideal imo. I don't want a simplified, stripped down game; on the contrary, I appreciate the vast depth of (modded) SC4. I like the idea of region play but hate the implementation. If I could automate the neighboring cities and tell them to build industry or commerce, that would work too. It's the constant hops from city to city that bother me.
  8. 'Disabling' region mechanics?

    Good day, wow, that is a lot of answers (for such a quiet forum)! I guess not that many have asked this question before. It must be a weird request, seeing as many had specifically wished for interaction with neighboring cities in SC3000 (which only simulated it). Thank you for the workarounds; if I've understood correctly, there has been (so far) no way presented to get the full demand with just one city? If I make a single-city region, it will stagnate at some point, not reaching its full potential with only SimNation connections? If that is the case, then it's unacceptable for me. Even though I like immersion, at the same time I cannot bear the thought of playing suboptimally ('gimping' myself). I know that SC is not at heart a competitive game, but it's a personal, psychological thing. Something to do with our cutthroat capitalist society, maybe? Plus I just like the look of skyscrapers. I guess I should expain myself a bit more. It's not the *concept* of neighbors or deals or increased demand from connections that bothers me, but rather the *implementation*. Imo, it's a horribly clumsy, gamey mechanic. I mean time *stops* when you exit a city and enter another... There are clicks and loading screens when you switch between cities (granted only 1-10 seconds with my computer)... Pollution doesn't go across city borders, enabling you to have smokestack wastelands right next to R$$$ towers! These are all small flaws compared to the main one, though: to leave my city and tend to the others reminds me constantly that I'm playing a game, not managing a city in real life. It is a huge blow in the face of immersion. It's like taking a warm bubble bath and being forced to run through a cold room to another, smaller tub and then back, just because I somehow can't get clean enough from the water in only one tub! If I could have a city tile that is the size of a region (even 2x2 Large cities), and could get the increased demand with no borders/switches between cities, I'd be perfectly content. If I understand correctly the map size is a hard-coded limit though; and in any case the region mechanics might not to be possible to simulate on it. I will await for further answers before biting the bullet and just making a few neighboring cities... Btw I had one up-and-coming island city and was really bummed out when I found out I must still make *road* connections to other cities in order to get enough demand. What were they thinking with that decision? Sure, I'll make a bridge that is 200 tiles long... Not like it breaks immersion or bankrupts me or anything. Cheers, Greiz P.S. The last SC I played was SC3000, but back then I just couldn't really get into it; I don't remember the reason after all these years. I probably had a lot of other games to play, or none of my friends were into Simcity. I've never played SC2000, but I played the hell out of the SNES Simcity. Made it to 500k on the best tile (least water), but only just barely. I still consider it a better game than all the successors in some respects (well, I cannot really form an opinion on 2000, having never played it). In the SNES game you really cared about individual buildings, for one thing. It was a heart-sinking moment to see a 'top tower' (not sure what they were called in English) collapse into two single buildings! :0 In SC4 one building is not even a drop in the bucket; it's like a drip of a drop in a courtyard of buckets. I've little care for graphics, but with the moddability of SC4 I simply cannot go back to an older version, so it'd be nice to have some solution to my problem. If it hasn't been done to date, can anyone say if it *could* be done, in theory? I've never modded anything in any game (beyond text file number tweaks), but if I find it continues to bother me and I get good instructions (not a problem in this place, I'd expect), hell, I might just take a stab at it myself.
  9. Hullo, fellow city maniacs. First time poster here. The question I have today is as follows: Is there are any way to 'disable' the Region mechanics in SC4? As I've understood it, you need to have connections to your neighbors in order to stimulate demand (and get skyscrapers) in your 'main' city. I tried it and found I immensely dislike the jarring transitions from city to city, building up each city in turn. I want to concentrate on one city only, neighbors be damned! So, is there a mod that makes it so you can get full demands with only one city? Perhaps by building some expensive building, so there's still some effort to get the demand? I don't want to cheat, just ignore the neighboring cities. Cheers, Greiz