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  1. I found that it left spots untapped under roads for me, Might be a good idea for me to review it and see. Thank you guys.
  2. Thank you for adding to it. I have found certain rules about where it's good to play 4 way intersections but i'm waiting to see what they do with traffic in any near to future patches.
  3. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, SlyJesse here and today we’ll be looking at how to start a successful city with some simple fundamentals. The first thing you want to check is your data maps. Checking which way the wind is blowing as well as the location of oil, coal or ore if you’re going into one of those city specializations. Know which way the wind blows will help you determine where you will be placing everything that provides air pollution like power plants and industrial zones. Just make sure that your air pollution doesn’t just blow into another mayor’s city on your region. Now it’s time to plan out your city out with dirt roads and zones. If you’re going into the city specialization of oil, coal or ore make sure you keep in mind where the location of your resources is so you can build around them. Simple lay out your dirt roads and zones how you would like your city to have them until your map is full. If you’re planning on adding avenues just leave those spaces blank and add them after when you have more money. Congratulations! If you’ve done everything right then Sims should start moving into your city and shops will be being built. Now your city will need water and electricity. Water towers are cheap and can be placed almost anywhere on the map away from any pollution, so make sure to place at least one of those down. Next we need to get some electricity to our Sims houses and shops. By now you should not have enough money left to build a power plant, simply click on your budget panel (Where it shows you your money) and take out two 25,000 simoleons bonds. You should now have enough for whatever power plant you want as well except for a nuclear power plant. To make Sims happy you should now be able to place down your Town Hall once all buildings have water and power. It’s a good idea to place with near the middle of your residential area. Now it’s time to build your sewerage and rubbish, place them away from your residential and commercial zones. By now you should start to see your budget reaching the positive since some of your Sims have moved into your city. Now it’s time to get a Grade School to educate the kids of your city. Education reduces crime, fires, ground pollution, waste and sickness as well as increase land value of nearby zoning so you would be a fool not to get one of these before investing in a police station, hospital and fire station. However if for some odd reason there is a house on fire DO get a fire station first! Makes sure you place bus stops everywhere that has residential zoning. Increase the amount of students your Grade School can take in once you have enough money. If you’re running low on money again simply go to your bonds in your budget menu and take out a 50,000 Simoleons bond. Pay back one of the 25,000 bonds you already took out and close the budget panel. Doing this you’ll make sure you have a spare bond if you ever need to buy something urgently. If you need to, do these again with the last 25,000 Simoleons bond and you should end up with around ~50,000 Simoleons as well as a spare bond for emergencies. Build a fire station! There will be a fire coming soon if you already don’t have one. At this time you should still see Sims moving into your city at this time if you correctly built enough zones for them and your hourly simoleons rate should be over 1,000. Now it’s time to invest in whatever specialization you originally planned on doing with your city. Your city will keep growing for a long time to come and by starting like this you should have little - no crime, no burnt down buildings and a few sick people who you can take care of in the future. If you’re interesting in buying the game and don’t have it please check out: http://www.markeedragon.com/affiliate.php?id=161&redirect=index.php?cat=25 Also please check out the video for this guide on my YouTube channel and if you’re interested please subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/SlyJesse Thanks, SlyJesse
  4. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, SlyJesse here and today I’ll be showing you how to create your very own rich oiling town. We’ve started by playing a 3 city map called Cape Trinity and starting a Norwich Hills. If you’re planning on making a large tourist city on one of the other 2 cities with heaps of money first or helping your friends out with electricity this is a great place to start. First before we even attempt to build anything we need to scout out the location of the oil so we don’t build on top of it and then make a road around it so we can start building our residential area. Since we already know that this town can produce a lot of oil and has no wind we’re just going to make an oil power plant for electricity when we can as we can use the oil we get to power it. Since this map has no oil on top of the hill we’re going to go right ahead and start building the residential zones with some shops until we start making a profit from them. Make sure that you leave some money so you don’t go over your budget. Now you can see we’ve got a growing population and a steady income source. You now have 1 of 2 options. First is to buy a fire station to prevent any fire outbreaks and the next is to go straight into getting some oil, I usually take risks but for this I’ll be placing a fire station just in case. Finally, Time to make the real money. Bring up your oil map and check where all the oil is, you should place some dirt roads so you can access the oil. Once you have the available funding you should buy an oil well and place it down, You can now use this oil to power your city while waiting for money to build a trading deport and expand our current oil well. One day you’ll notice that you’ve run out of oil and the amount of money you were once getting is no more. Don’t fear though, now you can simply turn your city into anything you want. Oil rigs only provide a small amount of ground pollution which won’t stop residential buildings. If you’re interested in buying SimCity there is a link http://www.markeedragon.com/affiliate.php?id=161&redirect=index.php?cat=25. That’s all for this guide, Make sure to like, comment my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel for future SimCity guides. YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/SlyJesse Thanks, SlyJesse