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  1. hey guys I'm currently running NAM + RCI Multi mod pack by niloluiz. I don't need the high tec jobs fix, right? the readme on the hi tec fix says that it is included in the RCI apparently. "If you use one of the jobs_xx files from niloluiz's RCImulti-MODpack, you don't need my mod because it's already fixed."
  2. wow thanks for the info guys. I can't believe female sims don't work! they're all stay at home moms?? so Will Wright is just a sexist bastard lol... I tried NAM this afternoon and already noticed a difference. people are staying in Low density/High wealth homes much easier now. and someone else mentioned a 'High Tec jobs' fix? sounds like a mod which complements the fixes applied by NAM. anyone have a good link on that? thanks again! you guys rock.
  3. I don't understand. I see how to adjust taxes per-income-bracket, but I can't adjust taxes based on location... ?
  4. hi guys. I've been a gamer for years but only recently discovered Sim City. I mean, I've always known about it but never played it before last year. reading less-than-stellar reviews of the new Sim City (2013) and looking for a better simulation than Cities XL has brought me to Sim City 4 Deluxe. I haven't downloaded any mods yet. just playing Vanilla SC4 Deluxe. so. I feel like I've gotten a pretty good handle on basic city planning and evolution. I can work a scratch plot of land into a profitable metropolis of about 20,000 people and virtually all space filled in with low density plots. I can get a downtown area going with medium density Commerce and Residential that grows into High-Wealth and valuable structures (they don't turn dark or deserted). my industry goes from Agriculture and Dity to 100% High-Tec (all of which is High density) and I can leave a city running like this indefinitely without any issues. but if I want to expand from Mid to High (in respect to Commerce and Residential), then it's right around this point that something always seems to go wrong and I haven't been able to figure it out yet. it's like "brain drain" phenomenon where my High-Wealth / high Education suburbs begin to function like transitional housing. they're constantly moving in and out, and their Education level drops to from solid green to red. my old age, Low density suburbs with all the luxury homes begin to constantly be abandoned due to high commute times. it's like freakin' clockwork. shortly after I get a nice balance between downtown Mid density and suburban Low density, people begin having a hard time staying in the expensive Low desnity homes in the suburbs and Education levels drop off. I don't understand. the Mid density zones don't have this issue. my Downtown areas remain highly educated and the population is relatively static so basically all the wealth and eduation moves downtown while the suburbs begin to decay and look like revolving door transitional housing. what gives??