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  1. I like it!

    I don't really have an issue with the size. It's the size of a SIm City 4 medium map. Spacing issues are a problem early on but now most of my people are building huge, skyscraper like apartments and it frees up a ton of space. What people don't also realize is that cities aren't meant to specialize in everything. I have a University in one city and everyone in my region attends that university. I have casinos in another city and everyone goes to that city to gamble and sight see. It's made for teamplay in mind.
  2. New Region looking for 12 Players on Europe West 1

    Just enough to fill the spots up.
  3. Private Region looking for active players. - Need 12 Cities to fill the region - 2 Cities per player - Must be active! Add Psychoticnerd on origin and I'll send you an invite.