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  1. Could it be traffic getting materials from one place to another? or is it just the factory acting crazy...
  2. Keep it and turn it off so you still get the bonus for having one in the area...
  3. Put a recycling center up as quickly as you can... it will help and you can make money from all the stuff it makes
  4. Nuclear Meltdown

    Yeah, i regret putting in these nuclear power stations. I had the highest education and sufficent water and everything for these things and they still blew. I recommend not putting these in until we get a firm answer from EA or Maxis. The whole day it just stayed the same...a nuclear waste land. What i did was i used the university to research cleaner oil power and has worked very well and is cheaper and barely pollutes... However, i did start to see trees randomly growing again in those areas but it took a long time so maybe im getting close to the end. It has taken the whole day though haha... Yeah i had 2 happen back to back and then after that a meteor shower happened haha my poor city