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  1. Guess the North-American city

    That is definitely New York City. You see 33rd st, and i think by the building in the distance probably 5th ave or Madison.
  2. I SimCity, therefore I AM
  3. Where do you stand on Aliens?

    I pretty much am in line with everything bdub01 said, except for one small thing. I agree, just statistically, the probability is that there is more intelligent life out there. I just think its less likely than bdub01's on in few thousand. As far as advanced civilizations visiting here. Who knows? Like mentioned, if evil, we would be gone. If good, we would be helped. But there is also the possibility of the "Prime Directive" like in Start Trek, that they would not interfere. In my mind there are many civilizations out there, ranging from primitive to advanced. My disappointed is that I will not be alive when the day comes when we discover these civilizations, because that will be a glorious thing to witness. Sorry for the spelling and grammar errors. Quickly typed on phone and the auto correct kicked in
  4. I have a question. I am starting a 16 city region. I see the the cities are group in 4 each with 1 Great works each. The regional highway is not connected between groups the groups of 4. My question.....Will worker/shoppers/tourists/students commute between the groups of 4 via the water connection, or will they only commute within their respective groups defined by their common regional highway? Thanks for your help.
  5. I'm sorry for this newbie question, but I do not know how to take photos and videos of my city. Can anybody let me know how this is done? I would really appreciate it.
  6. Regional Population Not Updating

    I also am experiencing the same thing.
  7. Thanks AshTym. They should though. If they did would be about to use parks to alleviate traffic. Oh well.
  8. Does anybody know if the park walkways, or parks in general, can be used to allow movement from one road to a parallel road by walking sims? I would think that this should be allowed. After all, it is a walkway.
  9. Casino City

    Do they mean $50000 for just one casino? I don't think so. Its a grand total for all the casinos. Plop more than one casino.
  10. Bridges

    You just build your road over the water. The bridge automatically appears. Same with tunnels.
  11. Does anybody know where I could get a reference for the footprints of all the buildings, utilities, etc. and their mods. This would really save a lot of time and help with planning. Thanks