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  1. How does education work?

    I have one of each school in my city... You can offload education??? How do you even do that? Also, can I destroy my neighboring city that I created for practice? Id like to start it over. Thanks!
  2. Streetcars Bugged?

    I didnt find them to reduce traffic at all.. I have them in place full equipped, but I shut them down. They were costing too much, and having them off didnt result in any increase in traffic.
  3. I am currently working on my 3rd city - the first 2 were basically practice, but this one seems to have the most potential. Some stats: 159k People (Kinda stuck here due to lack of build space) - I did the typical block sizes as per their snap graphs. I have around 3.8 million dollars Oil Extraction - 3 maxed out sites, and I have the HQ and 1 upgrade I have a lot of trade - Trade HQ and 1 upgrade Making processors - Electronics HQ (working on upgrade to make TVs for the build residential tower). I have 2 fully profitable casinos and 3 different profitable landmarks 2 Expos running all the time I am pulling in a ton of money, and staying in the black which im happy about. I hear specializing in 1 thing is the way to go, but I am pulling in more money now than I ever was previously doing 1 specialty. My problems are as follows: 1. I am out of space. I cannot increase population with the space that I have currently. Is there a way to increase the density so much so, that I can scale back a bit on residential areas but increase volume? 2. How do I get more alloy for processors? I tried importing them, however, it comes in so slow. I am trying to make TVs to send to my super structure, but I cant get enough processors build to do so in a timely manner. 3. Would it make sense to remove both expos in favor of a stadium? The stadium takes up a ton of space, which I am weary about. I was having issues trying to find a space to fit it. I had an area cleared out for it, but it wouldnt snap in, so I went with 2 expos. 4. Is it possible to destroy a neighboring city you wish to start over? I couldnt figure that out... I would like to more specialize my adjacent city to help my current one. Thanks!