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  1. I've had my cities on one server become corrupted (which is similar I guess). The online system is slow anyway, and it's not even going to prevent pirating aside from maybe delaying it a month or two, if that. I feel it'd be much better if the online system either let users host it or just occasionally sent data to update the region (as it does now). As for being corrupt, rolled back, or just lost, it seems like it's actually happened to an upsetting amount of people.
  2. It was happening to me again the other day on flat terrain, oddly. It's even happened with adding modules to buildings rather than placing entire buildings.
  3. Corrupted Cities?

    I usually just exit to the main menu, then quit from there and let it finish syncing if it needs. The error message I receive is: "Unable to load the city at this time. Please try again later."
  4. I started a region with a friend the other day, and both of our cities turned out to be running extremely well compared to previously. I currently have two cities in the region, and he has one for now. While swapping between cities, I was taken to the main menu, being told I was "Unable to load the city," but I was able to load the previous city fine until I rebooted. I can no longer access either of my cities in this region, but I can create new cities fine and even spectate my friend's city. He informed me both my cities were blank to him in the current region. Has anybody else had this issue before, or is there a way I can fix this? If not, are they are at least any possible ways to prevent the same thing from happening if I make a new city?
  5. Land pollution

    A friend of mine had massive amounts of pollution in his city before he even built it. I have no idea why but it seems the pollution is just casually blowing in from nowhere, but with the city placement all of the mysterious pollution is now being blown up into my cities, which is causing the only complaints I have at the moment.
  6. As of mid-day yesterday I've been unable to load into any of my cities on North America West 1. I've tried making a new region, same thing.
  7. It did help me quite a bit, but I do kind of wish he'd explain a real-time version. Not necessarily a 6-hour long video, but it was hard to tell what he was doing since the camera was basically everywhere at once.
  8. Traffic and intersections

    There's actually one issue I realized that kind of ruins SimCity's generic grid-based (New York style) downtown builds. Most downtown areas in cities that have tons of intersections are full of one-way roads. If SimCity had one-way roads, each intersection would only be 2 directions rather than 4, and if cars actually took turns going rather than sending random clumps out here and there, traffic may end up bad at points but it'd flow out very nicely. The silly AI may still cause issues, but it'd probably cut down on them pretty heavily.
  9. Innovative City Designs

    I'm trying to recreate this as well for the fun of it, although I've ran into some issues. Size is definitely an issue, like kavselj mentioned. I can actually cram a couple of nice buildings in each "hub" but the school buildings are so enormous that I'd need to clip out one building in each hub or just stick a library in there. The only other issues I've had are just SimCity's building system being pretty annoying with circles. There's a lake to the side of my city but bridges go perfectly over it, although anything else brings up issues. The grid system is pretty bad with circles, since it kind of just knots up on one or two ends and causes weird snapping. It also causes additional circles using the grid to draw the opposite way you want, so I had to try doing everything hand-made. It's not too bad, but my OCD is getting the best of me. I'll try to post screenshots later, but I'll probably wait until things are fully in place. As a side not I'm using Petrol City in Reflection Atoll. I'll probably start shifting it more toward the oil industry after I share the turnout but I should point out that this area seems to be one of the few areas that are absolutely perfect for this design. The inset of water isn't too big of a pain thanks to bridges, although with the placement of industry, any pollution is blown right off the map. The only con is that if you do go for oil, the majority of it is toward the center of the city.
  10. Innovative City Designs

    My city hit the usual wall last night, so I tried scrapping everything and rebuilding it with a similar circular design. I'm not sure what I did entirely but the roads ended up all glitched. New additional loops fail to build correctly and if I place buildings next to certain roads, they "update" which slaps a few zones scattered around it mysteriously. I've also had zones build on top of zones which causes buildings to spawn inside eachother, producing a weird terrain glitch. I've also not been able to get my police to go out and patrol or my garbage collect. It's as if they don't see the roads they're linked to. Anyway, with that aside, a lot of my most recent cities have been boring square grid-based designs to make the most of density since this SimCity is pretty limited in city size. I always end up with traffic issues due to their being intersections everywhere. I'd love to build a much more attractive looking city, but one of the main issues I usually have is when I hit 100k-200k population. I could probably build a decent looking city but as soon as the population rises, it'll fall apart like usual.
  11. Traffic and intersections

    A lot of my friends, myself included, have been having the same issue. I'm able to build a city that takes off pretty fast and starts to turn into basic skyscrapers everywhere but that's when my city just falls apart all at once. The main issue I have is that my most recent couple of cities have just been trying a generic grid-based square build (as if it were New York). It seems to work well enough until about 200k population. At that point, traffic and payments become the issue. I usually have cars trying to get into my city that fill up the intercity road all the way into the neighboring cities, which screws me over since my last attempt involved me building a neighboring industry-based city which managed power, water, and sewage to nearby cities. I tried managing trash too, but cars can't even make it into the cities to manage the trash. The traffic system seems a little strange to me if you ever decide to zoom in and see the cause. Regardless though, the more intersections in a city, the worse traffic becomes, primarily if those intersections are toward the entrance(s).