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  1. Gifting money

    Ive tried gifting to a different city of mine after failing my first town and realized that my gifts were getting sent by freight and i didnt have any freight trucks so had to build a trade depot, also i blocked off my roads and raised taxes to make loads of money to start a fresh town but you need to connect the roads back so the freight trucks and actually get to the town ur gifting too seems to be working fine now was wandering why it was talking so long to gift only taking like 2mins now also if u stay in region view u can actually see the freight trucks with ur money being gifted to the next city if u wait a bit it should appear. Update- Just tracked down the delivery truck its called a simoleons delivery truck and its blue, so u can follow it in ur town and see where its stuck in traffic and see why its taking so long to deliver, if ur not getting gifts ur probably gridlocked and ur truck cant move = cant deliver ur money