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  1. What I really wanted

    your 1 and 5 are contradicting each other. You said you want to build a REALISTIC city. But is there a city on earth that has no pollution and has all highest wealth, wages, and safety? please let me know where that place is and i will move there ASAP
  2. Empty Truck Garages

    i have a similar problem with recycling plant as well. I have a fully upgraded recycling plant with all delivery truck. My recycling plant is completely full but my trucks are not delivering stuff to the trade depot. my trade depot is empty. someone please help! btw there is little to no traffic in my city
  3. I have 2 plots of land that are radioactive because of asteroid strikes. (off-topic: what kind of cities get 7 asteroid strikes in 10 years?!?!) obviously no RCI buildings can be built on them. so how can i use those land effectively with minimum negative effects on health? Thanks
  4. New DLC, official info

    i dont see the specially marked crest toothpaste in my local pharmacy. any confirmed information on the date?
  5. but do you think i have enough streetcars given the number of riders in my city? my transportation expenses is bankrupting my budget!
  6. my streetcars are not picking up passengers from certain stops and they are clustering on the busy routes around the train stations where a lot of passengers commute in from nearby cities. I have 2 streetcar depot and 22 streetcars serving about 16 stations. do you think the clustering is due to bugs? or is it just because i dont have enough streetcars? my average wait time is 75 mins!
  7. Seven disaster in two hours

    whats worse is that the meteor shower that hit my city left a radioactive pollution right in the middle of my most expensive district...
  8. a lot of public transportation systems around the world operate on a profit after the initial investment by the government. only in america can public transportation system rachet up millions of dollars in debt because unions demand rediculous pensions and benefits. by the way, if i recall correctly you can actually run a public transportation system on profit in simcity 4?
  9. i have a power station with 20 wind turbines but i accidentally misplace one of them. when i tried to bulldoze it it highlighted the whole power station. can i just delete that one misplaced wind turbine? thanks