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  1. I spent nearly 4 hours trying to figure out how to manage the traffic flow properly, my trade depot vehicles were unable to make it back to the city so I could complete upgrades to my Petroleum and Trade HQ, I had 4 trade depots maxed out with 3 oil, 2 coal and a recycling center maxed out. My trucks just couldn't make it back to town fast enough. Image1 TRAFFIC PROBLEM 1. I restructured my traffic flow 4 times, the entrance to my town a 6 lane highway STRETCHING THE ENTIRE DISTANCE OF THE ZONE just to get traffic in to my city... sooo that didn't work. Here is an image of the insane traffic. VISITOR PROBLEM 2. Had so many people moving in + visiting but my trade trucks were so slow I was barely able to stay positive, so I increased the tax rate to 20% on all income levels and zones 3. At a max tax bracket, no services enabled everything being destroyed I was being invaded by visitors... Did I attract all the neighboring meth addicts to strip my abandoned builds of copper wire???
  2. If you want to play with us, send me a friend invite.