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  1. Nuclear Meltdown

    Thank You for the replies. I have tried a few thing and there seems to be no change. I destroyed and rebuilt. Set up water plant with max filtration right next to nuclear plant. Doesn't seem to help in fact it doesn't clean 100% of the water and puts contaminated water into the system. I have yet to try the parks. I believe the cause was I built the nuclear plant with one elementary school in the town. I then notice a worker education tag in the nuclear window start out "safe" then turned to "unsafe" then the meltdown. I have since built a high school, now it indicates safe. So it defiantly appears your education level must be at least high school to avoid this.
  2. Nuclear Meltdown

  3. Nuclear Meltdown

    I need help recovering from a meltdown from my nuclear reactor. The radiation made the surrounding area useless. I am also spending so much much on hospital services that I am starting to go under. Does anyone know how to clear the radiation and/or knows how long it takes to dissipate?